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About Us

At Seya Inc. we are fully committed to our customers and products. We take pride in maintaining the highest standards in customer service and producing the highest quality product at the lowest price. Our company is unique because we both manufacture and design our beauty cases. Designing and manufacturing our own products enables us to improve upon the quality of our product and the level of our customers’ satisfaction on a regular basis.

Our vast knowledge and experience in the cosmetic case industry allows us to offer service that individually suits the business needs of our customers. With a full understanding of import, wholesale, and distribution, we are able to assist our customers in expanding their business. Consequently, we are continually cultivating better business and relationships with our customers.

Global Distribution

Seya Inc. products are currently selling worldwide, including North America, South America, Central America, Europe, and Australia. We are always looking to add reputable distributors to our team.

Custom Orders

Seya Inc. is a direct business partner for manufacturers and domestic brands looking to bring their products to market. We offer several services geared to the beauty community. Seya Inc. is a direct importer/manufacturing company. We provide our retail buyers with product development, overseas manufacturing, and domestic distribution services; allowing them to execute product strategies in the most efficient and cost effective manner possible.

We help our partners deliver the best value to their customers within our focus categories. Seya Inc. categories of focus include professional makeup cases, cosmetic bags, makeup lighting stations, and jewelry boxes. Our team of marketing and design professionals can help identify market trends and deliver products that meet target retails with maximum perceived value.

Seya Inc.’s network of manufacturing partners and overseas production managers insure integrity in production and strict quality control. In short, we can deliver the products your consumers want faster, at stronger retails, and with higher margins.